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Angelina Jolie LIMS
4th-Jan-2007 03:04 pm - Winner: Round 2
› rhps; a threesome
I want to congratulate mrsboreanaz and paperwirexit for making it to the final round. Without further ado:

...the winner isCollapse )

For the other members, please take this poll do decide the fate of angelina_lims

If there is another round, will you participate in it?


Would you pimp this community so that more people would join?


If this community were to continue, what would you like to see as far as challenges go?

2nd-Jan-2007 09:32 am - Final Challenge: Voting
› star wars; i
For the final voting, we're going to change the rules. For each set, please vote for your favorite.

Example of Voting:
Set I // favorite = 4
Set II // favorite = 3
Set III // favorite = 5, etc

You do not need to give reasons, but you can if you want to.

Final VoteCollapse )
30th-Dec-2006 08:02 pm - Final Challenge: Round 2
¦ he likes
Since stereo_pilot never submitted an icon, paperwirexit and mrsboreanaz are the final two by default. Never fear! The icons you two entered will be judged in the final challenge along with icons of the following:

(1) Icon of: http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c378/sinsta/decons/LorenzoAgius0015.jpg

(1) Icon of: http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c378/sinsta/decons/LorenzoAgius0016.jpg

(1) Icon of your favorite pic of Angelina. It can be from a movie or a photoshoot; totally your choice.

So the final voting will include four icons made by paperwirexit and mrsboreanaz, and them alone.
26th-Dec-2006 07:33 pm - Reminder: Challenge 05
+ dvt; what
The following people have yet to enter an icon to the challenge post. Please do so before tomorrow at 11pm.

20th-Dec-2006 02:52 pm - Results: Challenge 04
Pardon the uber-late update!

Unfortunately we have to say goodbye to:

by hxcfairy with 5 votes

People's Choice:
by stereo_pilot

Tally behind cutCollapse )
The revised participants list is here. It will be updated every challenge so that the remaining contestants will know who's still in the running.
11th-Dec-2006 03:36 pm - Reminder
∞ house; i
The following person needs to get an icon in to the challenge post by 7am tomorrow:

6th-Dec-2006 05:30 pm - Results: Challenge 03
› rhps; a threesome
Unfortunately, the following person has been eliminated:

by always_muneca with 4 votes

People's Choice:
by certainthings

Voting TallyCollapse )

The revised participants list is here. I will update this list every challenge so that the remaining contestants will know who's still in the running.
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