trdyfgkjhlk (erithegreat) wrote in angelina_lims,

Challenge 04 - Round 2

Free Image Hosting at

» LJ standards apply. This means your entry must not exceed 100x100px or 40kb and must be in jpg, png or gif format. Animations are allowed.
» You can only use this image and no others, but you may use brushes, textures, etc.
» Don't post your entry anywhere else until after this challenge is over.
» Entries are due by 7am EST, Tuesday, December 12th. If you do not enter by then, you will run the risk of being disqualified from the competition.
» Submit your entry to this post. All comments are set to screen.

» When you submit your entry, please post it in the following format:
Tags: challenge 04, round 2
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