D. (thebodyred) wrote in angelina_lims,

Voting: Challenge 04

Unfortunately, holysea and certainthings have been disqualified.

» You are voting for the LESSER QUALITY icons. Please do not vote using your personal preference, as we are voting on the general quality of the icons. This means you should look at the cropping, coloring, sharpening, text, etc. Do not vote for an icon because you don't like the style of it. Remember, we're voting out the lesser quality icons.

» Comment to this post with your chosen 1 icon. With each 1 vote, you must include a reason for why you're voting for it. If you don't follow the rules, you will be banned from voting. Examples of reasons:
09: The text is oddly placed
08: The coloring is overpowering
12: The icon is oversharpened
16: The icon is too blurry

Do NOT say, "I don't like the font," or, "I hate the color pink." Do NOT put personal preference into your comment or your vote will be disqualified.

Remember to vote for 1 icon.

01. 02. 03. 04.

Also, please vote for your favorite icon! (I would hope this would go without saying, but just in case, do not vote for your own icon for favorite.)
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